Top Five Features of Shizuoka Prefecture

Soccer (or football): Soccer was very popular in Shizuoka long before the World Cup was held in Japan in 2002. Actually, Shizuoka used to be a leader in soccer – in 1994, ten of the 23 Japanese national team members were from Shizuoka. The present national team also has some Shizuoka boys. Shizuoka has 2 J-league teams: Shimizu S-Pulse and Jubilo Iwata.

Green Tea: Shizuoka is very famous for its quality green tea. There are different types of green tea…Gyokuro (expensive), Shincha (new), Houjicha (rice-flavoured), etc. Cold bottled green tea is a must for Japanese summers and you can get it almost everywhere! Green tea is tasty and very good for your health, as well.

Onsen: Izu Peninsula has a lot of onsen (hot springs). Many tourists, especially from the Tokyo area, come to enjoy onsen throughout the peninsula on the weekends. Bathing while watching the ocean is a brilliant experience–check out some amazing onsen in Shizuoka!

Mount Fuji: Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and a symbolic image of the country, is absolutely beautiful. It is loved by not only the Japanese people, but also by others around the world. Thousands of people come to Shizuoka to enjoy the scenery. You can only climb the mountain in summer, so this may be one of the first things you want to do in Shizuoka.

Easygoing People: People in Shizuoka are considered “easygoing people.” It may be because Shizuoka has almost everything – great mountains, beautiful ocean views, clear rivers, mild weather – which add to the prefecture’s laid back demeanor.

Originally written by: Hisae Kaneko, Numazu Nishi ALT