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Tokyo Scavenger Hunt 2019!

One Hundred Secrets to Rule Them All, Five Teams to Find Them, One Hundred Secrets to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them!

From the squeaky clean, business sheen of Ikebukuro to the gates of the Imperial Palace itself, our weekend warriors found themselves in a life or death style punishment game with the fate of all of Japan on the line. That’s right, boys. The annual AJET-organized Tokyo Scavenger Hunt is back … and the stakes … have never been higher.

It began on the cold, rain-slick streets of Tokyo, just outside of Shinjuku station.


There were men and women dressed in plaid; warm and ready and hungry for victory.

There were men dressed in Hawaiian shirts, a stylish reminder of summer days.

And then came the seasons in full; cold and hot and one shrouded in mystery.

And who could forget the faithful knights of Riverdale?

And the fifth team? What of them? That, dear reader, is a tale for another time.

Ancient legends say the winner of the Scavenger Hunt was…At Least We Tried. In all their plaid, perhaps the greatest pattern they possessed was the pattern… of friendship. The winner of the Best Dressed Award was Dudes in Hawaiian Shirts.

But the real winners? Those were the people of Tokyo. Because when the fire fades and only dark remains, they can rest easy. Because their secrets are kept safe and scavenged, and call home the hearts of braver men.

As always,

Stay secret, Shizuoka.