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The Leaver’s Parties, 2020


A lot of the time, I usually try and write something funny and off-beat for these posts. It makes them a little bit more fun to put together, and (hopefully) more fun for other people to read. But this time the truth, the painful, bittersweet, obvious truth is: I’m really sad that a lot of my friends are going away. The power of positive thinking won’t change it, and life isn’t making it any easier to deal with.  But the best cure for sadness is hope. And the best way to honor our departing friends isn’t to adopt the ennui of a Romantic poet and stare wistfully out a bleary window to fog swept streets (although I am doing that right now), but, rather, to enjoy our friends while they’re still around with us.

Which is why we chose to throw not one, not two, but — no, wait, actually, it is two. We threw two leavers parties this year. Because, right now, the world wants us to stay apart. And for good reason. But we’re doing everything in our power to responsibly keep us together.

So we threw two leavers parties. One in the Seibuu area; a dreamy dusk-time rooftop barbecue for the Hamamatsu and Hamamatsu-adjacent folks.

And one in Shizuoka. A cozy, lunchtime get together at the heart of Shizuoka City.

So to all the leavers: you’re going to be missed. Sincerely. And I hope you felt that. I hope you feel that. In a good way, I mean. Like you matter. Because you do. And it’s going to be a heck of a lot lonelier around here without y’all.

What did you just say about optimism, dude?

Oh, right! Yes!

Right. Good luck to our 2020 leavers. Wherever life takes you, we here at ShizAJET hope you find great love and success. Just don’t forget about us, okay?

Because we won’t forget about you.

How could we?


As always,

See you later, Shizuoka