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The Apocalypse.

…Halloween Party.

Guys, I think we can all agree that 2020 was a great year. It was super, duper fun, but honestly? Kind of boring. So we decided to spice up the monotony with a little bit of crisis-mongering at the Apocalypse!…Halloween Party.

The Four Horsemen of the 2020 Apocalypse did show up: A cop. Sesshōmaru. Steve Zissou. And the Actual, Literal Devil. And they brought the usual. Plague, locusts, famine and………..good times?!?! Whoa!!! Talk about a misdirect! The end of the world has never been this much fun.

There was Karaoke! Costume Contests! And…Snacks and beverages! Did I read that right?! 2020 might have been a year for great evil and many crimes, but we planted our feet firmly in the ground and said to the dim doom and despair, “No! We are cancelling the apocalypse!”

That was a Pacific Rim reference.

Listen, I’m not paid to write these.


Anyways, our Halloween Event is often our biggest and most fun event of the year, and 2020 didn’t disappoint on that front. It was a great time, and the folks here at Shizuoka AJET and practically foaming at the pestilence-afflicted mouth for NEXT year. 2021, baby. No where to go but down!

We here at ShizAJET are wishing you a Happy Halloween!!


As always,

Stay Scary, Shizuoka.