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Spooked! A Shizuoka AJET Halloween Party

To me, my X-Men! Monsters and Mononoke’s and Mario Brother’s have invaded the Kingdom of Kakegawa! And who will stop them, if not us? Heck, who¬†wants to stop them when they’re having this much fun!

The turnout at our annual Halloween Party in Kakegawa this year was an absolute blow-out! JETs and Non-JETs dressed in their spookiest costumes to scare the heck outta me (and everyone else!) I think I even saw a g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost!

Karaoke! Costume Contests! Fairly Odd Parents! And a great DJ with great dancing! My knees were shaking out of fear AND from the funky beats!

We’re already HAUNTED by the idea of doing this again next year.

As always,

Stay Spooked! Shizuoka.