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ShizAJET and ShizuPOP Presents: Be My Valentines

You read that right, dear reader. The most ambitious cross-over event of the new century has arrived. ShizAJET x ShizuPOP. Earth. Wind. Fire. Water…and Heart. With our powers combined, we summoned…love.

On the most romantic day of the year, the day after Valentine’s Day, folks gathered from all around Shizuoka to the music cafe lounge BARAF for a game night with the highest possible stakes imaginable — romance. 

Our Game Masters here at ShizAJET hosted several games to test our commitment and understanding of the most mysterious quality of a man — their heart. We danced, we embraced, we answered a series of increasingly complicated questions about each other.

And who of us remained when the dust settled, our hearts laid bare? Man is such a fickle creature, our inner thoughts unknowable, our desires elusive even under the incandescent neon of nightclub lights. So perhaps it is no mystery that the greatest love came not from man and man — but from man and alien.

The real Area 51 is not a place in New Mexico. It’s not a holding facility for alien artifacts or weapons of mass destruction. The REAL Area 51 is a frame of mind. It’s being open to the possibilities of finding of love and companionship in even the most unlikely of circumstances. With that in mind, thank you ShizuPOP for Naruto-Running into our hearts and collaborating with us on this wonderful event.


And, as always, dear reader,


Stay Stupid, Cupid.