ShizAJET Strawberry Picking & Onsen Trip 2018


February 17, 2018 11:00 am


Once again it is that time of the year~ let’s beat the cold away with delicious strawberries and a lovely day at the Onsen!

We will go to “Baikaen” one of the many strawberry fields along Shizoka city’s famous strawberry road (いちご通り) for all you can eat strawberries! While we can’t take any home, we can enjoy as many strawberries as we want buffet style!

After we finish we’ll head to “Sunpu Yume No Hiroba” onsen to finish up the day relaxing ^_^

We will need drivers for the event since while there are buses to the strawberry road, they are not very frequent. If you can drive, please let us know!

If you want to leave earlier or just meet for the onsen there is a free shuttle bus that goes between the onsen and Shizuoka Station that you can check here:

Please RSVP with interest or willingness to go so I can make an accurate reservation for our group!

Strawberry picking- 2000 yen
Onsen- 900 yen for entrance, 200 yen for towel rental (or BYO)

There is a good set for 1200 yen that includes clothes, towels, and access to the hot rooms.

Meeting place: Shizuoka Station near car drop off in front of the police box.
Time: 11:00 (I’ll be there at 10:50)

For more information on the Strawberry Picking Place as well as the bus that will get you there please look at these links: (Strawberry Picking) (Bus Schedule for the Bus leaving Shimizu Station)