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    Return back from SDC and thinking about the Philippines

    A big おつがれさま to everyone after SDC in Kakegawa last week. We’ve had some time to look at the surveys we passed and guess what? Most people said they’d be interested in buying a t-shirt (depending on design and price of course).

    This will not be ignored and this year, we’ll make this happen. We are currently talking about what the rules will be for the design contest but you can start thinking right away. One thing for sure, it’s to represent us and Shizuoka so it will have to relate to Shiz!

    There are also far more that was written in the surveys and we’ll be talking internally about those. We thank everyone who took the time to write comments and will use them to improve our activities.

    The Philippines disaster relief

    Also, we’d like to say THANK YOU! To everyone who donated to help The Philippines at SDC. If you haven’t donated but would like to, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you how to get the money to us.

    If you would like to organize a fundraiser in your school, we can help with that. A few of us have heard that students have been asking what they can do. Every school should have a volunteer club. With their help, we can coordinate a fundraiser. ShizAJET will prepare a Japanese and English version or the fundraiser (and saying who we are/how the money will be used) for those who would like to help in their school. Just let us know and by next week, we’ll have the Japanese version ready for you. You will most likely need permission from your school first though.

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    Event: Kakegawa Halloween Party!

    Kakegawa Halloween Costume Karaoke Party & Nomihoudai Extravaganza!
    Facebook Link

    Every year, ShizAJET hosts a costume karaoke event at Kakegawa, complete with snacks, all the alcohol you can drink, and crazy costumes!

    Saturday, Oct. 19th from 8pm to 11pm. We’ll meet in front of Kakegawa Station at 7:40pm. Please be on time!

    The karaoke party will be held at Kunperuza (クンペル座), the same place as last year’s party. We’ll walk there from Kakegawa Station, but here are directions in case you show up late:

    Google Maps Link

    Those of you who live further away and plan on drinking a lot might want to talk with your Kakegawa/Iwata/Hamamatsu friends to see if you can spend the night. As long as you hurry back to the station after the party, though, you should be able to catch a train back home.

    ¥3,000 per person. Please bring exact change, if possible! We’ll collect your money just before you enter the karaoke room.

    For more information or to RSVP, please contact Jeff at thejeffmoses@gmail.com!

    Let’s see how crazy this year’s costumes will be!

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    Summer vacation coming to an end already!

    Hey eveyone! Summer already coming to an end but I do hope you could enjoy it to the fullest!

    I know many of you travelled around either in Japan or in other countries during your holidays. I hope you all had safe travels.

    As you all know, the new JETs have arrived and already went through the high and lows of teaching on JET and Shizuoka prefecture form Kakegawa Orientation. I hope you gave them a warm welcome! Don’t be afraid to seek them out!

    To the new JETs! Don’t be afraid to get out and meet new people. You might want to stay local and hang out with your new friends (nothing wrong with that) but our prefecture is big and there are many other people who’d also like to meet you. Make your own opinion of things, don’t only listen to what other says 😉 By winter time, you’ll be glad to have met a bunch of people and be able to get out of your cold lodging.

    ShizAJET is not taking any rest! We’ve got a bunch of events coming up. Some have already appeared on your facebook, others are still in the making so keep your facebook open and let us know what you’d want to do (we can always do more! Either big or small events).

    Let’s keep it up! And enjoy the first classes of the second term next week!

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    Welcome to the new JETs!!

    By now all new JETs should be receiving their placements. Welcome to everyone 🙂 I’m sure new questions pop up and you are all eager to find everything about your accomodation and your new school(s). That being said, we are all excited to have you come and your predecessors are really eager to help.

    Please understand though that as it is for you, it also is a very busy time for them so they might not be able to answer your messages right away.

    Ok, now that this is delt with 😀

    ShizAJET is new and improved this year. We’ve got new members with energy who wants to be active and plan new and exciting events. We want to get out there and reach out to you. You have comment about us? Please let us know. We want to be more accessible! After all, we do things for YOU!!

    Come join the fun! No need to register on anything (but facebook helps to know what’s going on).

    Things we want to know so we can help share the info:
    – Is there a festival in your town coming up?
    – Is there something you’d like to organize?
    – Is there something or interest near you?
    – Have you heard of interesting things to do (not necessary close to you)?

    Last thing, if you want to get involved, let us know! 😉

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    ShizAJET wants YOU!

    Hey! Every year, many JETs come and go. As such, ShizAJET wants new people to get involved in planning events.

    Ok, so what’s the job?

    ShizAJET is a non-profit organization with a few jobs that need to be done. We understand that not everyone has experience in planning, but we’ve got three main officer positions that require a different range of skills. We aim to organize at least 1 event per month as well as hold these events in different regions of our awesome prefecture.

    Webmaster: Someone who has knowledge of websites and can update our website frequently as well as revamp it if necessary. We also have a twitter account that needs to be updated (badly… the current AJETs officers aren’t very tech-savvy. Help!)

    Treasurer: In charge of the AJET bank account and keeping track of our funds for organizing events. Also collects and manages money at our events.

    Event Coordinators: Organizes and plans events along with other AJET officers. Japanese is not necessary as we help each other when needed. We need people who are motivated and have good ideas for interesting events. A background in planning events is not necessary!

    Examples of past events we’ve organized:

    • Fuji Climb• Costume Karaoke Party (Halloween)
    • Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (February)• Christmas Dinner Party (held at the Gotemba Kogen Resort)
    • Rafting• Fuji-Q Highland Trip• Hanami Picnic (Spring)
    • Leaver’s Dinner Party
    • Shimizu S-Pulse and Jubilo Iwata soccer games
    • And more…

    Why would you want to get involved? (Why wouldn’t you?!)

    • Professional experience in organizing activities.
    • Helping to shape a newer and better ShizAJET.
    • Working together with a super group of people.
    • Meeting amazing JETs you wouldn’t see much of otherwise.
    • Going around the prefecture and beyond for activities.

    What are you waiting for? If you’re interesting in joining, please email us at shizajet and let us know which position you’d prefer!

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    Golden Week come and gone.

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a while since the last update, sorry about that.

    Golden Week has already come and gone. Soon we’ll be in summer with a lot of festivals and other opportunities. As every year, we also have some people who will leave us and some new folks coming to our dear Shiz.

    I know many will have things for sales in the coming weeks. Please feel free to let people know on our facebook page before sending everything to the second hand store (you might make others happy as well as get a better deal pricewise).

    Also, the warm season brings a lot of festivals and other activities to towns and cities. Those are sometimes hard to know of so if you hear of something, share it with us! Many people are looking for things to do this summer, especially the new JETs who won’t know you yet! Let’s get the info out there 🙂

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    Hokkaido AJET Announcement: Snow Tour

    Best winter ever. Hokkaido was damn cool” Nic Bunce, Wakayama ken

    One of the best investments I made all year, wouldn`t have missed it

    for anything…” Dalton Polyvas, Embetsu cho, Hokkaido

    Greetings from Hokkaido AJET`s Social Coordinator, Mikaly. With winter

    fast approaching, I’m delighted to announce details for HAJET`s

    biggest, most thrilling event…

    The HAJET Snow Tour.

    Every year ALTs from all over Japan participate in HAJET`s Snow Tour

    to experience the swish world class ski resort of Niseko. Whether you

    are in Okinawa, Wakayama, Fukui or Fukushima, this is YOUR chance to

    join us for 2013!

    Date: Saturday, February 2nd – Tuesday, February 5th

    (Please note that nenkyu [annual leave] for Monday and Tuesday will be required)

    Cost: 30,000 yen (due by December 12th)

    This price includes accommodation, three breakfasts, two dinners and

    buses to/from Sapporo.

    Please note that a deposit of 10,000 Yen is required to confirm your

    booking for the tour as soon as possible. This is both due by and

    refundable until November 30th, though places are likely to be filled

    by then. The entire cost of 30,000 Yen can be paid up front as well.

    Itinerary (accurate as of September 21st):

    Saturday, February 2nd

    After arrival into Sapporo`s New Chitose Airport on Saturday morning

    (for those wishing to arrive on Friday, this is not a problem, however

    please note that accommodation for Friday evening is not included),

    HAJET members will take tour participants for an afternoon of walking

    around the world famous Sapporo Yuki Matsuri snow and ice sculptures.

    That night, after a popular Hokkaido Jingisukan dinner, a bus will

    take the group to the Freedom Inn, a boutique hotel situated right

    next to the slopes of Niseko.

    Sunday, February 3rd / Monday, February 4th

    Participants are free to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, snowmobile or enjoy

    a whole range of other outdoor activities around the mountain. (Note

    that equipment, lift tickets and bookings can and should be arranged

    beforehand. Contact me for details when expressing interest.) If you`d

    prefer a slower pace, then a day trip into the towns of Niseko,

    Kutchan, Otaru, or just some chill time in some suave onsens are also


    On Sunday evening we will have a group dinner in the neighboring town

    of Kutchan, and the following night you can choose to have a buffet

    dinner at the Freedom Inn (paid for separately) or head out and

    explore the restaurants and night life of Niseko`s ski resorts!

    Tuesday, February 5th

    Everyone wakes up and says goodbye to the Freedom Inn, taking the bus

    back to Sapporo. This is where the trip officially ends, but it

    doesn`t have to for everyone. You may choose to stay an extra night

    and experience more of what Sapporo and the Yuki Matsuri have to

    offer. (Please note that plans and accommodation on Tuesday night are

    not prepared for you). For those leaving from Sapporo New Chitose

    Airport, trains run to the airport from Sapporo station roughly every

    15 minutes.

    Spots will disappear very quickly so get in touch with me and make

    your deposits early to avoid disappointment.

    Our furikomi information is:

    銀行名: ゆうちょ銀行 [Yuucho Ginko] (Bank Name)

    支店名: 九◯八 (キュウゼロハチ) [908] (Branch Name)

    口座番号: 1604791 (Account Number)

    名前: エージェットカイホッカイドウシブ [AJET Kai Hokkaido Shibu] (Name on Account)

    Please send an email to me at social once you send funds,

    stating your full name(s), date of transfer and the amount

    transferred. (eg. Three people putting down 10,000 deposit each

    instead of me mistakenly thinking one person is paying 30,000 up

    front, etc.)

    Several places on the tour will need to be filled by Hokkaido JETs who

    are able to help with showing the other participants around.

    Experience traveling/skiing/snowboarding around the Niseko area is

    preferable but not required.

    All questions and inquiries can come to me at: social

    These details are also available at http://www.hajet.org/tag/hajet-snow-tour/

  • Announcements

    Shizuoka AJET is recruiting!

    Did you see the sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji? Do your clothes still smell like Genghis Khan from the Yuki Matsuri trip? Did you hit those high notes with your falsetto in your eggplant costume last year? If you did and want to be a part of the group that made that all happen, then here’s your chance. Shizuoka AJET is looking for new officers for 2012-2013! We’re looking for anyone who has a positive attitude, can bring new ideas to the table, and has the desire to plan exciting events to bring the community together. This is your chance to shape the Shizuoka JET experience for the next year!

    If you are interested in becoming an officer of Shizuoka AJET please e-mail shizajet@gmail.comwith your name, where you are located in the prefecture, and a short paragraph describing what skills or ideas you can bring to Shizuoka AJET.

    Please contact us by Sunday May 27, so we can arrange a meeting with anyone who is interested! The first order of duty will be organizing the Leaver’s Party on July 7th. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    “Always in motion is the future.” -Yoda

  • Events

    ShizAJET HamaHana (Hanami in Hamamatsu)

    HamaHana (Hanami in Hamamatsu!) hosted by ShizAJET

    Saturday, April 14 from 12:00pm~

    Hamamatsu Castle Park
    100-2, Motoshiro-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken

    〒430-0947 静岡県浜松市中区元城町100−2


    Hanami. It’s literal meaning is “flower viewing”, and the philosophy behind hanami is to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the delicate flower, which falls from the trees at its peak of bloom. It’s also an excuse to get together with food and beer in the middle of the daytime in public! So let’s enjoy food and beer and flowers together in Hamamatsu Castle Park!

    We’re going to try and reserve a spot early in the morning with a tarp.

    Please bring your own food, drinks, and a small blanket or mat to sit on, etc. Sharable snacks are more than welcome. 🙂

    You can pick up food at Hamamatsu Station: There are a couple of bento shops, a supermarket, a McDonald’s and various conbini in/around the station. There’s also a FamilyMart and a 7-11 a few blocks away from the castle.

    How do I get to Hamamatsu Castle Park?

    It’s easy! Take the JR Tokaido line to Hamamatsu Station. From the station, you can either walk to the castle, or take a bus. You can take any bus from Bus Terminal #13 and get off at 浜松城公園入口 ”Hamamatsu-jo-koen-iriguchi” (“Entrance of Hamamatsu Castle Park”). The #50 bus departs every 15 minutes. It costs 140 yen and takes about 5 minutes. You can also take any bus which is heading to City Hall (市役所南 “Shiyakusho-minami” or 市役所前 “Shiyakusho-mae”).

    For more details, please visit the Facebook Event Page, or contact Courtenay or Sharleen.