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Open Mic Night DUO

We took Numazu’s white knights and we brought them up to our level. Wasn’t hard. You see — fun, as you know, is like gravity…all it takes is a little push.¬†

The battle for the soul of Numazu raged once again within the walls of the Speak EZ Bar.¬†This city just showed us that it’s full of people, ready to believe in good times.

Ya wanna know how I had such a good time? My friend Alex; made this event, with drinks and good vibes. And one night, he assembled the creative people of Shizuoka to perform. People grabbed the mic and started singing and reading poetry .Everyone loved it. A lot. A. Lot. So, people were watching, taking the mic, laughing while they did it. Alex turns to me and says, “Why so Serious?”. He comes at me with the mic. “Why so serious?”. Sticks the mic in my hand “Let’s put a smile on everyone’s face!”


And we’re not gonna stop. Not until their spirit breaks completely. Until they get a look at the REAL JET community, and all of the artistic things they’ve done. You didn’t think I’d, risk losing the battle for Numazu’s soul in a band fight with you? No, you need an ace in the hole…mine’s…friendship.

As always,

Stay silly, Shizuoka