Meet ShizAJET 2016-2017!

Catie Meehan, President

Drew Esterline, Vice President


Hi everyone, I’m Drew Esterline, a third-year ALT in Numazu. I hail from the beautiful mitten state of Michigan. I studied Japanese and ESL in college so teaching junior and senior high schoolers is right up my alley.

I really enjoy life here in Numazu with all the great nature, onsen, hidden cafes, and small town charm bundled up into this one area. If I’m not biking around to find a new local shop, you can probably find me trying out Japanese recipes, catching up on some reading, baking whatever will fit into my tiny oven, or planning for the next travel destination. I also enjoy volunteering around town and getting to feel like a local.

I’m excited to be a new member in Shizuoka AJET this year and look forward to meeting all the new faces. If you ever need a Numazu guide, you know who to call!

Josh Hedlund, Treasurer 


Hello, all!  My name is Joshua Hedlund, and I’m from Chicago, Illinois, USA.  My first college major was music education, but I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.  I’m very excited to be given the chance to be a JET, and look forward to meeting other JETs.  I live in Hamamatsu, and work at one junior high school and three elementary schools.  Elementary school is simply the best!

My current hobbies and activities include studying Japanese daily, exploring the area on my bike, karaoke, playing music rhythm games, and meeting people.  If you find yourself around Hamamatsu, feel free to drop me a line.  ^.^

Ashley Dorrel, Secretary

Illaura Rossiter, Event Coordinator

Danny Huy, Event Coordinator


Hey people! I’m Danny from the states (Maine specifically). I started JET in 2014 and currently live in Shizuoka City. I love community building and international education, so I’m very lucky to be placed at an international affiliated school! If you are wondering abut my heritage: I’m Cambodian. I am excited to be a part of the AJET team to help bring all of us closer together with the adventurous activities we have planned ahead!

Life is Shizuoka is just grand! If your ever around, I can be your guide. When I’m not studying (or working) my hobbies would include cycling, running, photography, smash bros, traveling–lots of traveling and pondering about what the future will bring out next. I look forward to meeting you~

Armand Lubbe, Webmaster