JET in Shizuoka

Understanding the JET Programme in Shizuoka

  • Each contracting organization prepares their own contract for their ALTs.
  • Although all Shizuoka prefectural BoE ALTs are JET-contracted, such is not the case with Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City. Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City both have privately-contracted ALTs in addition to its JET-contracted ALTs.

How JET Works in Shizuoka

There are three different kinds of positions in the JET Programme – ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers), CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations, SEAs (Sports Exchange Advisors).

These JETs are further divided into several groups. The largest group are those who work for the Prefectural Board of Education, and they are primarily based in senior high schools throughout Shizuoka Prefecture.  A smaller group of JETs work for regional municipalities` Boards of Education and a large proportion of them work or visit local junior high schools. In addition, there are four CIR who are employed by Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shizuoka and Hamamatsu City also employ a number of ALTs and CIRs, both are considered `Designated Cities`, and so they have an organizational structure that is separate from Shizuoka Prefecture.