Leaver’s Party 2019

There was a lot of love coming out of Growstock, a cozy, warm venue near Shizuoka Station, on the night of July 12th. JETs from all over Shizuoka came together to say their goodbyes to those departing the program this year. It was a tremendous party, made so, so much more sweet than bitter by a great DJ, fabulous dancing, and a host of warm-hearted goodbye notes written to those on their way back home.

To all the leavers: please know you will be missed. And we hope you felt the depth and warmth of that sentiment at this years leaver’s party. And to Wisani, Kyle, and Catie – who have all contributed so much to AJET and the JET community in Shizuoka – thank you.

Good luck to everyone taking their next big step. And as always –

Stay strong, Shizuoka.