Clothes in Shizuoka

Mens clothes

I`m writing this from a man`s perspective.  Arriving in Shizuoka in August, it will be very hot.  In 2010, the average temperature for August was over 30 Celsius, which means non-stop sweating at any time of the day. I packed away my jeans into vacuum bags and did not use them until October.
Here are the clothes you need to bring if you are just arriving in Shizuoka:

  • Work clothes: dress pants, short sleeve dress shirts, one long sleeve dress shirt for special occasions
  • Casual clothes: tshirts and shorts

You won`t need anything long-sleeved until at least mid to late September, so you can ship those things by sea if you have too many clothes to bring in your two suitcases. (I shipped one 25kg box).

Here are clothes you need for life in Shizuoka:

  • Spring: Long pants, long-sleeve tops, solid shoes, and if you are going to be biking to school in rainy season perhaps a pair of shoes that repels rain, rain jacket and rain pants
  • Summer: Short sleeve tops and shorts, sandals
  • Fall: Same as spring
  • Winter: On some days you`ll need a hat and thin gloves, a winter jacket (doesn`t need to be full-on snow jacket, but thick enough to block chilly wind). Unless you plan to go skiing, you do not need snow pants or snow boots as there is very little, if any, snow in Shizuoka.

Buying clothes

Buying clothes (again for men) does not seem to be a problem in Shizuoka. There are many stores which stock larger sizes, especially in the bigger cities like Shizuoka and Hamamatsu.  Shoe size can be a problem for those with 10+ US size, as shoes here typically are not available larger than this. Most shoe stores carry up to size 27cm, which is about 9.5 US. A few shoes are available up to size 28cm, which is 10, but to get any larger you need to do some serious hunting. Many stores allow you to order shoes, if you see something you like you can ask for them to order that particular shoe.

In terms of clothes, I have not found anything that was available back home but that I cannot get here. Japanese clothes are generally of great quality at prices comparable to back home. Summer dress shirts, especially, are much better here, given the humid and warm summers the shirts are very thin and light and often are sweat-stain proof and magically engineered to keep you cool.

Do you have any other questions about clothing? Please let us know.