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    Shizuoka AJET Complaint Form

    Hey everyone, Shizuoka AJET now has an official complaint form through which you can voice any issues you may be having within our community.

    To access the form, click on the “Complaint Form” link under the “Links” section on the right side of this website.

    Fill out the form and mail it back to shizajet@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Shizuoka AJET Complaint Form

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    ShizAjet 2014-2015 Council

    Votes have been cast and the results are as follows:

    President: Jeffrey Moses
    Vice President: Andrew Thompson
    Treasurer: Phillip Howard
    Secretary: Samantha Pacheco
    Event Coordinators: Tommy Louk, Jasmin Lau
    Webmaster: Armand Lubbe
    For more about each officer, please visit the “Meet ShizAjet” page!
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    2014 Shizuoka AJET T-Shirts


    Show your Shizuoka spirit with our 2014 Shizuoka AJET T-shirts!

    We are currently offering two designs created by Shizuoka’s very own Jackie Holowczyk (Design #1 on order form) and Samantha Shoppell (Design #2 on order form).

    Any single t-shirt is ¥2,500. XXL and XXXL t-shirts cost an extra ¥100 and ¥210, respectively. The deadline for payments is Friday, May 16.

    All proceeds will go toward future AJET events.

    If you’d like more information or want to place an order, please submit this order form:


    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at shizajet@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your support!




    デザインが2つあって、静岡県のJackie HolowczykとSamantha Shoppellが製作しました。

    Tシャツの値段は¥2,500で、もっと大きいシャツには追加料金がかかります(2XL – ¥100 / 3XL – ¥210)




    • S – 66, 49, 19, 44
    • M – 70, 52, 20, 47
    • L – 74, 55, 22, 50
    • XL – 78, 58, 24, 53
    • 2XL – 82, 61, 26, 56
    • 3XL – 84, 64, 26, 59






    振込でお願いします。締め切りは5月 16日(木)です。下記のリンクに静岡AJETの振込先があります:


    もし振込で払うのが無理なら、shizajet@gmail.com にメッセージを送ってください。


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    Furikomi Information (振込)

    Hey everyone, here’s the furikomi process through which you can purchase the Shizuoka AJET t-shirts:


    Here’s Shizuoka AJET’s bank account information. Please send your payments to this account:

    Bank (銀行名): 
    ゆうちょ銀行 – Yuucho Ginkou
    Account Name (口座名): 
    AJET静岡支部 (エージェットシズオカシブ) – AJET Shizuoka Shibu
    Branch Number (支店番号): 
    Account Number (口座番号): 


    Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll email you with the final price. After you’ve double-checked this price, send the payment to us via furikomi by Friday, May 16. We’ll create a Google Document where you can confirm that your payment went through to us.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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    ShizAjet Shirt Design Entries

    You’ve been waiting for this… we’ve promised it for a long time. Here are the choices for the ShizAJET t-shirt. *insert wave here* Now it’s your turn. We need you to choose which design will represent us, Shizuoka.

    The survey to vote is here (with smaller version of the design pictures) http://shizajet.polldaddy.com/s/shizajet-t-shirt-design-extravaganza-2014

    The vote is open until February 21st at 9pm! What are you waiting for?


    Final Shirt Designs:

    Concept Shirt Designs (Not Final):

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    ShizAJET T-shirt contest rules

    ShizAJET T-shirt contest rules:

    • Open to all current or past Shizuoka JET Programme participants
    • Up to 2 colors (not including shirt color) allowed in the design.
    • The design must be relevant to Shizuoka or life as an ALT in Japan.
    • The word “Shizuoka” needs to be on the shirt somewhere.
    • The deadline for submitting designs is January 31st 2014.
    • The ShizAJET logo (the one at the top of our website) will be added in small characters if not included in the design.

    Contest explanations in detail:

    It’s about time Shizuoka JETs have their own t-shirt. The contest is open to all ALTs and CIRs around Shizuoka prefecture. Design submissions will be posted on the ShizAJET website and our Facebook page for everyone to vote for the designs they like the best. The winning t-shirt will then be printed and the winning design creator will get a free t-shirt.

    Entry details:

    We will need submissions of your designs. To display them efficiently, we ask that the designs be submitted in this way:

    Entrants must submit a JPG file of the design which must fit within an A4 sheet of paper (That is the size of a standard piece of printer paper.).

    The JPG preview should be no larger than 800×500 pixels and clearly display your design. If your design is chosen, you will be asked to provide us with a digital version (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or PDF…) so please keep your data!

    You can display your design on a sample shirt to give an idea of the end result but this is not required.

    For example:

    Hokkaido Shirt
    (This shirt was done by HAJET, Hokkaido AJET chapter in 2011)


    The designs can really be anything you would like. It should be relevant to life in Japan (particularly Shizuoka life) or life as an ALT. That being said, keep in mind that you are trying to earn the votes of people, so you might have more success with a design that ALTs and CIRs from many different countries can relate to. Overall though, you’re only limited by your imagination. If you find yourself bursting with creativity, you are welcome to submit multiple entries.

    Still, we have a few guidelines we want you to keep in mind. Designs should be your own creations. Your design will have up to 2 colors (not including the t-shirt base color). More colors and bigger designs are more expensive, please keep that in mind while creating your illustrations. We don’t want the shirts to be prohibitively expensive.

    There can be more than one design on the same shirt(for example: front and back, front and sleeve…. but it will affect the end price of the shirt and will be mentioned when voting). Placement on the design (middle of shirt, right bottom, side… ) is also possible but usually harder to do (read as pricier).

    If you are wondering which colors are available at the printing company, please refer to this web page:


    (the end company might be different but colors will likely be the same)

    If you want, there are also online design programs to make t-shirts. You can make your design and then send the image to us. Here are two sites to help you get started.



    Prize (Yes!! That’s what we’re talking about!):

    The winning design will be printed up and sold to anyone who would like one (Everyone will be welcome to place an order (even your friends, JTEs and even your school’s principal if he wants one).

    In addition to the glory of having their design printed on t-shirts, the winner will also receive a copy of their t-shirt for free AND a cash prize of 5000 yen!! If we have more than 5 entries the second place will be awarded 2500 yen!!

    Note: People outside of Japan are welcome to submit designs but will not be eligible for any of the cash prizes. If the 1st place winner happens to be overseas, we will ship the t-shirt to that person free of charge.


    As this is a contest entry and the shirts will be sold, we need to cover a few copyright basis. By entering this contest, entrants grant AJET the right to print and sell their design without any fee or compensation other than the prizes listed above. Entrants also agree to have their submitted design displayed on the ShizAJET website (www.ShizAJET.com) and used on the ShizAJET’s group page on Facebook without any fee or other compensation. Displayed designs will be credited to the entrant’s name in all instances.

    When it’s all over, how much will the t-shirts be?

    We don’t know for now how much the t-shirts will be. That will depend a lot on the final design and colors. We can for now say that it should be around 2000~2500 yen for each shirt you want. Of course, if we end up ordering a lot of shirts, we’ll have a better price and share this with you.

    When will we get the t-shirts?

    Once the winning design is chosen and the order is placed, it will take about 1 month to get them. If everything goes well, we should have them before the end of the school year.

    Anything else?

    To be able to pass the order we’ll need a few things. Once the winning design is decided, we’ll arrange to have a message sent to all ALTs with an order form. This form will need to be completed and sent back (via email or printed and posted back) to ShizAJET by the deadline written of the form. Any order places after that will be refused (not to have too many delays in ordering)

    With this we’ll be able to know how many t-shirts to order and in which sizes. We will need a minimum of 20 t-shirts to pass the order to the printer. Once we reach our minimum order number, we’ll know how much the shirts will cost and will be able to send invoice to everyone with how much they owe us BEFORE being able to place the order (as we don’t have membership fees, we don’t have money to make the shirts and then ask you to pay)

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    Shizuoka AJET is recruiting!

    Did you see the sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji? Do your clothes still smell like Genghis Khan from the Yuki Matsuri trip? Did you hit those high notes with your falsetto in your eggplant costume last year? If you did and want to be a part of the group that made that all happen, then here’s your chance. Shizuoka AJET is looking for new officers for 2012-2013! We’re looking for anyone who has a positive attitude, can bring new ideas to the table, and has the desire to plan exciting events to bring the community together. This is your chance to shape the Shizuoka JET experience for the next year!

    If you are interested in becoming an officer of Shizuoka AJET please e-mail shizajet@gmail.comwith your name, where you are located in the prefecture, and a short paragraph describing what skills or ideas you can bring to Shizuoka AJET.

    Please contact us by Sunday May 27, so we can arrange a meeting with anyone who is interested! The first order of duty will be organizing the Leaver’s Party on July 7th. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    “Always in motion is the future.” -Yoda