Past Events

Breaking a Guinness World Record in Numazu

On July 1st, members of the Shizuoka Community gathered in Numazu to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest line of edible fish. Prior to July 1st, the record was 2,176 fish. Those in Numazu attempted to break this record by lining up 3,000 fish, in which they were successful!

The event began at 10:00 am near the Kano River, where participants enjoyed the river scenery while lining up the fish. It didn’t take too long to break the record, as there were nearly 1,000 people in attendance, including Shizuoka AJET President, Catie Meehan. Catie said that it was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning, and it was nice to have been part of breaking a Guinness World Record in Japan.

Catie, Shiz AJET President, posing with the line of fish.
People lining up the fish and waiting for them to be verified by officials.
Catie and Wataru hanging out.
All participants received a small prize for helping break the record.

If you know of any events—big or small—happening in your communities throughout Shizuoka Prefecture, we invite you to share them with Shiz AJET. We would be more than happy to include events on the website’s calendar so JETs and non-JETs have the opportunity to take become involved in their communities. Simply send us an email ( or message one of the current Council Members.