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Beach Party Shizuoka Takeover 2019

It’s not just Atami anymore. Now all of Shizuoka is waiting to see AJET’s next move.

Two beach parties. One goal. Unite Shizuoka JETs, new and old alike, in the spirit of laid-back summertime slams.

Shizunami Beach. Atami Sun Beach. This ambitious cross-over event saw an amazing turnout on both ends of the prefecture as JETs, charmed by the allure of cool sea-breezes and warm new-friendships, came together in the sand to welcome the new and greet the old.

By all accounts, both parties fulfilled on the promise of Summer in Shizuoka; good vibrations and long vacations. And who knows, maybe next year we’ll go even further beyond.


But that, dear reader, is a topic for another day.

As always,

Stay sunburnt, Shizuoka